The growing popularity of cricket betting sites

  • Tuesday, Jun 8, 2021

If you have been watching cricket tournaments on television and wish to learn how to do cricket betting, a guide about online cricket betting is just what you need. Here, you will find out what cricket betting is, how cricket betting odds work as well as competitions available. We will also be discussing cricket betting markets, and how to find the best cricket bookies online.

England vs India Cricket

What is cricket betting?

Cricket betting like other sports consist of making a bet on cricket matches played by teams globally to predict a winner. This could be through a sportsbook, online cricket betting sites, or cricket betting apps. There are several betting markets you can consider. To bet on cricket you must first register with a reputable bookmaker or betting sites for cricket.

Cricket terms that you should learn, include cricket game odds, betting options and fixtures, live cricket betting, competitions, cricket betting markets, and cricket world cup, signup bonuses, and sportsbook.

Land-based Sportsbook

A Sportsbook is a physical place that legally accepts bets and pays you when you win. It can also be in a casino. You can bet by telling the cashier the type of bet you want to make, amount, and pick the side or player you are betting on and pay.

Cricket betting sites

Before you pick a site, do research, visit the site, and provide them your details and form of identification and once your data is verified, fund your gambling account and start betting.

Types of cricket matches to bet on

There are three types of cricket matches. They are:

Test matches

This format is the oldest type of Cricket match. It tests the stamina of teams who must play in a five-day match. The weather and the field’s condition and the long period of play will affect the match outcome.


ODI stands for One Day International matches. This type of tournament was introduced years ago to present the game to young Cricket enthusiasts. These matches last for one day, so you will find out the winning team early.

Twenty20 Internationals

In this type of match, each team will have 20 overs before the opponent bats. This makes matches shorter. A fast match could last for three hours. The Indian Premier League is an example of the impressive Twenty20 game.

How does Cricket Betting Odds Work?

Cricket betting odds work like other sports games odd. Different bets may give you different probabilities of winning. To increase your chances, you can develop a strategy, take advantage of welcome bonuses for new customers and promotions for veterans.

A bookmaker like bet365 will enable you to act on promising odds to improve your wager and earnings. Bet365 provides you with competitive odds, offers you a bet builder, and access to over 30 markets per game.

Examples of betting odds include the use of money line and spread betting.

  • Money line

Here a bookmaker balances the odds against two teams even when one is the favorite team. The likely team to win is represented with the minus sign and the underdog the plus sign.

  • Spread betting

This is another way the bookmakers balance two sides for a cricket betting match. Here the plus and minus signs show the number of runs which signify the difference between the team winning and the one losing when the match ends.

Competitions available

Globally you have many cricket competitions and from years of experience in Cricket betting, here are the top three.

Indian Premier League

The Indian Premier League is the top cricket tournament in India. Competition in the IPL between teams in the league starts between March and April yearly. The T20 format provides the highest form of competition among the top bowlers and batsmen. The round-robin leads to a playoff among the top four teams. Start now, make your IPL prediction.

Cricket World Cup

This ICC cricket world cup is a One-Day International competition. This tournament features the best International teams in a winner takes all match. Cricket betting online thrives on this type of tournament. So start making match predictions.

The Ashes

England and Australia battle for supremacy in this tournament. These two countries are hot rivals in Cricket matches over the years. These Test matches feature top players keenly contesting for supremacy and providing excitement for fans.

Cricket betting markets

Cricbuzz says that the Cricket market has continued to expand to include club cricket, diverse games, and International markets. The best cricket betting sites allows you to bet on different tournaments, markets, specific teams and players.

Knowing the most popular cricket markets will make your cricket bets more gratifying. The betting markets include match betting, completed match, tied match, innings runs, top bowler, top batsman, a team of the top batsman, and bowler match bets.

Others are tournament outright winner, series winner, over and under score, series score, method of dismissal, win the toss and toss combination. The rest are odd and even runs, most run-outs and man of the match or player of the series.

Below is how to use some of these betting markets in cricket betting online.

  • The Match Betting wager involves picking 1 out of 3 match outcomes. Guess if the home or away team wins or if the match is a draw. This is the easiest way to bet on cricket online.
  • Completed Match: you predict if the match will end on the day it is played or not (for 1-day matches).
  • Tied Match: you bet if the match will be a tie.
  • Innings Runs: your wager is to correctly forecast the number of runs to be scored in the first innings of that game.
  • Top Bowler: you bet on a specific player that will take the most wickets for either team.

You also have the Man of the match and player of the series. Likewise, you can make two bets on which player will be chosen as both the man of the match and the player of the series.

How to find best cricket bookies online?

A bookie eases gambling in sports events, sets odds, accepts, and places bets, and pays out winnings to bettors. Betting sites act as bookies too. To pick the best bookies or betting sites for cricket find out their reputation and history by reviews on Trust Pilot.

The bookie must offer coverage of wagers to allow customers more betting markets, fast and assorted withdrawal and deposit options.

Other requirements to find the best bookies online

You should look out for easy to use websites to make your bets, mobile compatible to use an Android smartphone or IOS device to bet using cricket betting apps. Attractive bonuses and promotions, excellent services and online chat support are also some criteria to consider.