Darts is a Popular Sport in the United Kingdom, But Why is This the Case?

  • Friday, Sep 25, 2020

When you think about it, darts is quite similar to archery. In fact, there are many darts fans who claim that the game came into being when archers started throwing shortened arrows at a wooden disc cut from a tree trunk or at the bottom of the barrel. There is a lot of debate about whether this is true or not, and there is no way it can be proven one way or the other. However, there is one thing that is certain and that is the British love their darts.#


Why Do The British Love Darts So Much?

Well, one of the main reasons is that drinking booze is encouraged, and we all know how us Brits love our booze. There is so much booze getting sloshed about that it is not uncommon to find your feet stuck to the floor or get covered in beer when the place erupts when a player hits a 180. There is no other sport out there where the spectators are encouraged to get drunk. Therefore, naturally, darts is going to be a hit with us British.

Another thing that us Brits love to do is dress up, and this is something else that is encouraged when attending the darts. You do not have to dress up if you do not want to, but you will be frowned upon if you do this. The more ridiculous the outfit, the more respect you will gain from your fellow darts fans. It is not uncommon to see fans turn up looking like the player that they are going to be supporting. It is all about having fun, and us Brits sure know how to do that in abundance.

We will be the first to admit that we can be quite immature at times, which can be seen from the signs that are often held up. When you attend a darts match you are given signs that you can write whatever you like on. Spectators are then encouraged to do their best to get their signs in front of the television cameras so those watching at home can have a read. The signs can be funny, lewd, or serious, and can sometimes have parents having to explain to their children that what they are looking at is just as badly drawn water pistol that is leaking water.

In short, us British love darts so much due to the fact that it is just a lot of fun. When you are watching other pub sports such as snooker you have to sit there in complete silence, which is quite boring if you ask us. The players will even get annoyed if there is any noise when they are at the table. With darts, on the hand, the players will often join in with the raucous crowd, making for a great spectacle.


The British Also Love to Bet on Darts

Us British love to watch darts, but we also like to make things even more entertaining by placing bets on it. Bookies are well aware as to how popular darts betting is, which is why any bookmaker worth its salt will have a dart betting market with plenty to bet on. For example, you can often place bets on the player that will win the match, the player that will get the highest checkout, the total number of legs in a match, whether there will be a nine dart finish, and the correct leg score.

So, what are the best bookmakers for betting on darts? Well, there are many great bookies out there, meaning that it can be hard to find the best sports betting site to register with. However, there are plenty of sites out there such as mybettingsite.uk which have experts that do all of the hard work for you. They analyse every little detail of a bookmaker and list those that they believe are the best when it comes to betting on darts. If you decide to register with them then we are certain that you will have the darts betting experience that you have been searching for.

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